The headquarters identified the priorities of the "Tomsk embankments" project


At the first meeting of the headquarters for coordination of the "Tomsk embankments" project, the participants headed by the Deputy Governor for Construction and Infrastructure Eugene Parshuto defined the sequence of creation of the Tomsk advanced development area.

According to Eugene Parshuto now "Tomsk embankments" are associated with two sections, where there works are underway: a retaining wall at the post office and a playground behind the Big concert hall. But today bank protection in the Camp Garden, the upcoming renovation of Lenin Avenue, and much bigger list of works which should be coordinated can be rightfully attributed to this mega-project.

2 "In the nearest future the Governor's decree on the establishment of the "Tomsk embankments"headquarters will be signed, its composition will be formed, the measure and degree of
responsibility of its participants will be defined", - declares Eugene Parshuto, when opening the first meeting of the headquarters. At the meeting the associate professor Vladimir Korenev presented the "Tomsk embankments" project for creating the Tomsk advanced development area. The document, developed by the university on the order of the city Department of capital construction, determines the structure of the road network, the new dam borders and the land plots, which will be offered to future investors for development.

Generally speaking the start of this work was initiated in 2007-2011 when the planning of the Moscow tract was being worked out, but at that time the range of ideas extended from creating a
park area here to the dense residential development, - said Vladimir Korenev. - Now there appeared the best option, within which the public space is harmoniously combined with the
university complex and the development of inter-dam areas, and the routing of the street and road network is performed so that that it could be possible to solve the regional center transport

In the area bounded by the river Tom - the Moscow tract - the lane of Ozerny - A.Ivanova str. - Eushtinskaya str. - Buyanovskaya lane - M.Dzhalilya str. - Trifonova str. - Gorkogo str. - A.Belentsa str. - Lenin street and the Ushayka River, it is expected to build 240 thousand sq. m. of public buildings and 168 thousand square meters of housing. One of the key projects is a new dam, the design of which is being prepared by the Novosibirsk CJSC "Sibrechport". Its length is 3.5 km and the ridge height is 81.7 meters. 

Everything else is designed taking into account the protective zones (only five of them are registered in the cadastre), and so, that it could be possible to create the Moscow tract road duplicate along the contour of the existing dam retaining the transport ring. At the point of contact with the Tatar settlement it is planned to "launch" a new street and due to reconstruction of the Ushayka embankment and the node in the vicinity of the municipal bridge to unload the Lenin Avenue approximately by 25-27 thousand of cars per day. Having agreed with this approach for the future, the headquarters under the leadership of Eugene Parshuto determined the tactics and the sequence of projects for the coming years: repairing of Lenin Avenue, design and estimate documentation for the new dam and the Museum of Science and Technology, the designs of planning and surveying the Arkady Ivanov street, Uchebnaya street and the Moscow tract.

Source: Administration of the Tomsk region
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