The First Venture Fund in cooperation with the University set up in Tomsk Region


RVC Seed Fund Ltd and Tomsk State University (TSU) became the founders of the first venture fund in Russia, where the university acted as the party of the contract of investment partnership. The management company become the DI-Group holding.

 The agreement of investment cooperation was signed by the parties on July,13. The size of the fund – is 33.3 million rubles. The shares of RVC Seed Fund and TSU amounted to 75 % and 25 % respectively.

Among the priorities – are basic technologies of power electrical engineering, bioengineering, biosynthetic, biosensory, nano-, information and cognitive technologies, as well as technologies for creating of energy-efficient systems for transportation, distribution, and energy use, and others, including in catalog of critical technologies, approved by President of Russian Federation.

The maximum amount of investment to the one project – no more than 8 mln rubles.

The management company of Fund – DI-Group specializing in support of high-tech start-ups. 

Source: Administration of the Tomsk Region
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