Third Part of Investment in Tomsk District for Five Years Directed on Agricultural Sector


For five years, region authorities and business invested 15 billion rubles in Tomsk district, third part of them directed on the agricultural sector.

As a reminder that the lately region authorities and business renewed greenhouse facility in Tomsk district, where they had built the modern greenhouse complex. Also they had finished reconstruction of pig-breeding farm Tomsky, which allow to increase the production on 30 %.

Nelubino farm had constructed a new dairy byre, Mejeninovskaya poultry farm – logistic complex, the company Spas renovates the cattle farm.

The productivity of agricultural territory and farms in Tomsk district is on the high level traditionally in the region.

Economics of the Tomsk district is based on agricultural sector - for 5 years third part from 15 billion rubles has received from agricultural sector.

Besides, the regional bodies has opened the point of access across the border in the airport Bogashevo placed in Tomsk district. Also the large updating of runway will start soon. 

Source: Administration of the Tomsk Region
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