"Severnaya" platform of Tomsk industrial park to introduced in April


In the creation of industrial park in Tomsk it is planned to invest 1.2 billion rubles,  250 million of which - are from the regional budget. Construction of platforms - "Severnaya" (for machine-building enterprises) and "Berezovaya" (for the food industry) - began in 2013. "Berezovaya" was introduced in 2016, the input of "Severnaya" was postponed for 2017. The only resident of the "Severnaya" is LLC Metallurg.

"Approximately start of the platform is planned for the second decade of April. At the moment there are all engineering networks, there is an electric power which more than is enough for construction of facilities of residents. Networks of gas, water and water disposal are tested and ready to reception of resources – their giving will be defined after the conclusion of contracts with residents", – the chief engineer of Tomsk Industrial Park management company Igor Filenkov told.

According to him, applications for entry into the number of residents of the platform were submitted by five more companies. They are: LLC NPK ReaSib – producer of reagents for oil production, LLC Poliplast – developer of plastic compounds for the cable industry, and also producer of polycarbonate – LLC Dimflesk, the creator of large-size steel structures – LLC Sibstalkonstruktsiya and LLC Veyon Impeks which is engaged in woodworking.

 Also Filenkov added that the total area of the "Severnaya" platform of the industrial park is 115 hectares, under placement of objects of residents from them 78 are intended. At the moment the only resident – LLC Metallurg – occupies only two hectares, under production of five declared residents is planned to allocate about 15 hectares. Residents will be defined on the nearest council, at the beginning of April.

Source: RIA Tomsk
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