Electrotechnical Plant Invested 143 Million Rubles in Technical Re-equipment


The Tomsk Electrotechnical Plant has completed the implementation of a large-scale technical re-equipment project - 11 units of modern high-tech equipment have been installed in the tool section.

According to Sergey Markelov, Head of the Department of Industry and Energy of the Administration of Tomsk Oblast, the investment project has been implemented in stages, starting in 2013. Financing was made at the expense of enterprise’s own funds and amounted to 143 million rubles.

Modern high-tech equipment was installed during the modernization of the tool section, after the dismantling of outdated and physically worn out machines.

"As a result of technical re-equipment, the Tomsk Electrotechnical Plant has significantly expanded the technological capabilities of tool production. And, of course, all this has a positive effect on the quality of the products manufactured by the site," said Sergey Markelov.

Source: Source: Administration of Tomsk Region
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