Poultry Farm Invested 1 Billion Rubles in a New Plant


OOO "Mezheninovskaya ptitsefabrika(Poultry Farm) invested about 1 billion rubles in a new project - a plant for processing rapeseed; it’s expected that the payback period is will be 5-7 years, the company's general director Fyodor Khaletsky said.

Earlier it was reported that a plant for processing rapeseed with a capacity of 60 thousand tons per year will be built at the site of the Mezheninovskaya ptitsefabrika in Tomsk Oblast. The launch of the first stage was scheduled for December 2018.

"At the board of directors a decision was made and the program was approved: it is planned to spend about a billion rubles for the rapeseed cultivation, the purchase of equipment, the purchase of seeds, and the construction of a processing plant. The first stage will be 12 thousand tons of raw materials. We are launching this plant in January (2019), "said Khaletsky.

In January, the launch of the first stage will take place. Commissioning of all facilities is planned for October 2019. The estimated project payback period is 5-7 years after reaching the design capacity by 2020. The construction of the complex for receiving, storing and processing Shrovetide and grain crops is handled by the subsidiary of the poultry farm Sibirskaya Oliva. About 660 million rubles were spent on equipping the complex with high-tech equipment.

Successful implementation of this project will allow processing 43 thousand tons of rapeseed seeds a year and at the same time receive 16 thousand tons of edible rapeseed oil and 25 thousand rapeseed oil cake.

Source: Source: RIA Tomsk
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