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State Support Provided to Tomsk Company

The Coordinating Council for the support of investment activities and the provision of state guarantees decided to provide subsidies for the investment project OAO Company Eskimos.

Source: Source: Tomsk Region Department for Investment

Poultry Farm Invested 1 Billion Rubles in a New Plant

OOO "Mezheninovskaya ptitsefabrika" (Poultry Farm) invested about 1 billion rubles in a new project - a plant for processing rapeseed; it’s expected that the payback period is will be 5-7 years, the company's general director Fyodor Khaletsky said.

Source: Source: RIA Tomsk

Electrotechnical Plant Invested 143 Million Rubles in Technical Re-equipment

The Tomsk Electrotechnical Plant has completed the implementation of a large-scale technical re-equipment project - 11 units of modern high-tech equipment have been installed in the tool section.

Source: Source: Administration of Tomsk Region

Center That Will Train People How to Work With "BREST-300" Will Appear at the SCC Before 2023

Siberian Chemical Combine (SCC) approved the project documentation for the construction of a training and information center for employees of the experimental-industrial power complex, which will be created at the SCC sites; it is planned to open them before 2023.

Source: Source: RIA Tomsk
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