State Support Provided to Tomsk Company


The Coordinating Council for the support of investment activities and the provision of state guarantees decided to provide subsidies for the investment project OAO Company Eskimos.

The project is aimed at expanding and modernizing the only ice-cream plant in the Tomsk Oblast as a part of the 3rd stage of the Company Eskimos "Quality of Business" integrated development program. It has been implemented since 2010 and covers production and technology, trade, social and organizational aspects of company activities.

As part of the project, the company purchased equipment that meets modern Russian and international standards. Its introduction allowed to increase in the productivity of the shop at least 2 times, improve the taste of products, and significantly reduce technological losses. As a result, the product range has significantly expanded, and highly sought-after ice cream brands containing natural fruits, berries and nuts are on the market.

Source: Source: Tomsk Region Department for Investment
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