Manufacturing of Gas Piston Power Plants Has Opened in the Tomsk Oblast


The Neotechnika company (the subsidiary of the Nizhny Novgorod Sintek holding) has launched the production of small gas piston power plants in the village of Kopylovo, Tomsk Oblast. This is the first production of power plants with a test site beyond the Urals.

Neotechnika Ltd. produces diesel power plants and load modules for them and it expanded its own product line in 2018. The expansion included gas piston power plants operating from low and medium pressure gas lines and built a testing ground for testing them in the village of Kopylovo, Tomsk Oblast. The opening ceremony of the new production took place on Tuesday, October 23rd.

At the opening ceremony, the Head of Sintek company Valery Odegov said that “The production (of gas piston power plants) has been launched. Four sets of gas piston power stations have been contracted for this year, and we plan to produce from 20 to 40 (power stations) in 2019. The amount of investment in new production is 15 million rubles”.

Gas piston power plants make up a small percentage of the total Neotechnika product output. The main volume is the production of block-container systems for various purposes (communication systems, power supply, electrochemical protection), Odegov added.

According to him, the revenue of the "Neotechnika” company will reach 1 billion rubles in 2018. "Our revenue is growing constantly, and we hope that this trend will continue," he stressed.

Source: RIA Tomsk
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