About 30 Companies Received Tax Incentives and Subsidies in 2018 in the Tomsk Region


The Deputy Governor on Investment Policy and Property Relationship Yuri Gurdin reported that in 2018 the portion of the state subsidies in the investment projects exceeded 31 billion rubles in the Tomsk region leading to the creation of 2 300 jobs as it reported. He mentioned "Mikran", "Sibkabel", "EleSi", "TOMZEL", "Derevenskoye Molochko", "Artlife", "SAVA", "Tomlesdrev", "Kompaniya "Eskimos", "Garment factory "Tsarina", "NPO "ReaSib", "Tomsk Instrument Plant" among the companies that received the subsidies.

In 2018 a regional law improved the investment legislation of the region by simplifying the procedure for additional tax incentives to the companies – the residents of the industrial park and those who apply for this status.

"The simplified procedure grants the decision on state support together with the decision on the resident status of the industrial park. We expanded the list of technological integration fees that can be subsidized. We also increased the grants to subsidize loans and leases from two and a half million rubles to five million rubles, if they were received within one year" - said Yuri Gurdin.

Source: Administration of Tomsk Region
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