In 2018 Investments into Construction Exceeded 40 Billion Rubles in the Tomsk region


Based on the results of the year 2018, the investments into construction, including housing, industrial and social development, exceeded 40 billion rubles in the Tomsk region.

The total amount invested in the development of the four districts was over 50 billion. The construction of new housing complexes, reconstruction of neighbourhoods, and the governor's project “Pure Water” improved the living conditions of 105 thousand residents of the Tomsk region.

In 2018 the developers in the Tomsk region finished 437 000 sq.m. of housing, or in other words more than 5 000 apartments of an average area of 50 sq.m. The four major development projects Solnechnaya Dolina, Yuzhnyye Vorota, Severnyy Park and Radonezhskiy, drove the industry growth in 2018 with a total investment portfolio of over 50 billion rubles.

The same refers to the national program “Housing and Urban Environment” national project. The program allocated 6.5 billion rubles to reduce the number of condemned buildings until 2024.

Source: Administration of Tomsk Region
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