Residents of Tomsk Special Economic Zone to receive preferential lease


The Tomsk region administration and the SEZ of Technology and Innovation Type “Tomsk” have developed a payment reduction for residents, who rent offices or labs in the territory of SEZ. 

“In the Tomsk region support and development of the innovative high-tech companies, working at the junction of science and business was always a priority.  For this reason, taking into consideration the difficult economic conditions, caused by the pandemic, the region administrative department and the executive group of the SEZ made the decision to give the residents a 30% rent discount”, deputy governor of the Tomsk Region in economy, Andrey Antonov, announced.

 The payment reduction is offered to the current and the new residents.  This support measure will come into effect from July, 1st to December, 31st, 2020.

Now the monthly rate for rent in the buildings of the SEZ “Tomsk” for a short period under “all inclusive” system is 650 rubles per square meter in the office buildings and 520 rubles in the lab and production premises.  From July to December the rent will be reduced to 455 rubles for offices and 364 for labs, accordingly.  For long term rents the rate will be even lower.

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