A center for low-tonnage chemistry is planned to be created in the Tomsk Region


The groundwork for creating the low-tonnage chemistry center will be acting small innovation enterprises attached to universities and two chemical engineering centers – one in Tomsk State University and the other in Tomsk Polytechnic University.  

This Tomsk project was highly appreciated by federal experts – specialists of the Skolkovo Institute of science and technology, as well as of the international IT-company ABB (Asea Brown Boveri Ltd.) and the group of companies “INENERGY”, which specializes in electrochemical technologies. 

Federal experts advised Tomsk to focus on production of the fluorinated organics and surface-active polymers.  

The plan is that the center will be able to manufacture 40 different chemical products.  It will include technological lines already specializing in the manufacturing of specific products, as well as lines that can be easily transformed to the specific customer’s needs.

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