An information system for agricultural producers being tested in the Tomsk Region


RAPTR system – Roster of agricultural producers of the Tomsk Region is introduced in the region.  Registration in the system will give relief to the agricultural enterprises in terms of applying for state support and accounting.  On top of that, the roster will integrated with the tax system and information systems of enterprises.

The region has already purchased the software.  Entering the information into Tomsk system will be carried out guided by the local context of the region.  The plan is to shift the registration process and reception of subsidies to online mode, starting from the application and on down to reporting on subsidies received.

“Subsidy reports, which are submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture, will also be automatically compiled from agricultural enterprises and municipalities into one consolidated form.  This will save specialists’ time as well as resources.” – the head of the department division of social and economic development of rural areas in the Tomsk Region, Dmitriy Bille commented.

Besides that, RAPTR will include a module on agricultural land registration.  Passports of fields must be developed in 2020 which will include the information on farmers’ and enterprises’ lands and their characteristics – crop yield, agrochemical properties, crop rotation, etc.  This data will be input by the farmers themselves or received from the Federal Service of State Registration, Land Register and Mapping.

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