The best municipal practices introduced in the Tomsk Region


On April 9th, 2020, an expert examination of introducing municipal practices, aimed at forming a favorable investment climate in Molchanovo, Shegarka, Kozhevnikovo and Kargasok counties of the Tomsk Region was performed during a session of the project office.

Shegarka county has reported on the activities of the head of Shegarka county sponsored community board which is aimed at improving the investment climate and development of entrepreneurship.  In 2019 the board addressed matters relating to supporting small and middle-sized businesses, and conducted an offsite meeting on specialist training for employers of Shegarka County in Industrial-commercial technical school.

Kozhevnikovo County presented the track record of the Administration of the Kozhevnikovo county Investment council.  The council has addressed matters of attracting investments into agriculture as well as suggestions on including land lots into the registry of investment sites on the territory of the Kozhevnikovo county.

Molchanovo County reported on establishing a complex of normative legal acts, which determine the main directions of investment policy and the development of small and medium-sized business.  Particularly, an investment activity policy on the territory of municipal entity “Molchanovo county” was approved, a municipal program of development of small and medium-sized business was passed, as well as acts, which regulate provision of services for businesses and establishing measures of municipal support and the procedure of their provision.

Kargasok County presented its experience in establishing a system of management of real property complex, which corresponds to the investment priorities of the county.  Thus far, the system includes the documents of land-use planning, rules of land-use and development, documentation package on area planning, administrative procedures for provision of municipal services in the sphere of real property relations and development.  Reduced rent rates for land lots were established and exemption from land taxes during the realization of investment projects on inter-settlement territories was provided.

Summarizing the results of the session, all practices were recognized by the experts as implemented.  Kozhevnikovo and Kargasok counties successfully completed the implementation of all the practices, specified in the road maps.

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