Tomsk entrepreneurs to receive privileged access to an electronic trading platform


Starting on April 15th, all small and medium-sized businesses of the Tomsk Region who are newly registered on the trading platform of, will receive a month of free access under the tariff plans “Standard Goods” and “Standard Orders”.

“This is an exceptional opportunity for the small and middle-sized businesses of Tomsk, which have felt the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.  The Marketplace will allow entrepreneurs to increase the number of buyers online, as well as come in contact with major consumers of their products and services”, - deputy governor of the Tomsk Region in economy, Andrey Antonov commented.

Today the platform has the biggest database of orders for more than 250 thousand companies.  The total number of orders surpasses 600 thousand which amounts to more than 146 bln. rubles.  The platform provides a flow of demand and a channel for sales and allows for promoting the goods remotely.

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