“Atom-TOR-Seversk” Has Assumed Management of the “Seversk” Priority Social and Economic Development Area (PSEDA)


The procedure of registration of LLC “Atom-TOR-Seversk” – subsidiary company of the management company “Atom-TOR” LC has finished.  The organization has been created to improve the functionality of PSEDA - located in Seversk restricted access territory.

The main tasks of “Atom-TOR-Seversk” LLC are to attract residents and investments for development of priority social and economic development areas, to manage the assets, provide improved functionality to local industries, etc.

In the nearest future, the question of delegating the authority to manage the asset portfolio of Seversk Advanced Special Economic Zone (ASEZ/TOR) to the subsidiary company will be addressed.  It will be allowed to improve the conditions of operations run by  local residents and attract investments more effectively.

Currently there are five residents in the Advanced Special Economic Zone (ASEZ/TOR) “Seversk”: LLC “NPK “VAB-70”, LLC “Sibirskiy Titan”, LLC “MK-Polymer”, LLC “TomskAzot” and LLC “Severskkabel”.  They have already created more than 140 jobs and attracted 90 mln. rubles of investments.  Preliminary agreements have been made with five more companies.

For reference

“Seversk” Priority Social and Economic Development Area (PSEDA) was created on February, 12th, 2019 in order to form advantageous conditions for attracting investments into Seversk and to provide accelerated social-economic development of the municipal entity.  The composition of the head committee of “Seversk” PSEDA was established in July of 2019.  In September of 2019 the Tomsk Region passed a bill on establishing tax breaks for residents of the “Seversk” PSEDA.

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