The New Bitumen Concrete Plant in Chazhemto is Providing Materials to Highway Engineers in Kolpashevo and Chaino


The Tomsk Region governor Sergei Zhvachkin examined the performance of the new bitumen concrete plant in Chazhemto during his working visit to Kolpashevo county.

Production of road materials in Chazhemto was organized by the regional road building division.  The road builders purchased the concrete plant for 90 million rubles.  The production capacity of the new plant is 100 tons an hour.

As Vladimir Venik, deputy director of the regional Road Maintenance and Construction Department, noted, the plant in Chazhemto can produce modern bitumen concrete mixes of different types and grades.

The production of the plant is already being used in road construction of parts of “Tomsk – Kargala – Kolpashevo” automobile road within the borders of Kolpashevo and Chaino counties under the national project “Safe and high-quality automobile roads”.  The asphalt from Chazhemto is also applied for reconstructing the automobile road “Mogilniy Mis – Parabel – Kargasok” and for repairing municipal roads in Kolpashevo county.

“In building new modern road material plants we do not only solve the problem of asphalt quality, but also one of the most lingering problems – logistics, - Sergei Zhvachkin stated, recognizing the value of the new plant.  Big volumes of road building, which we have in the Tomsk Region in recent years, allow for such production to be highly cost-effective.  This is the first completely automated bitumen concrete plant in the region, but I am sure, it is not the last.”

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