Tomsk Glass Factory is Ramping Up Facilities


The general director of LLC “Interglass”, Oleg Gumenuk informed the deputy governor of the Tomsk Region in industrial policy, Igor Shaturniy, during the latter’s visit to the factory that the enterprise is working at capacity producing up to 300 thousand glass-container items a day.  The primary range consists of more than 40 types of product.  The plant is equipped with two glass-forming machines, originally manufactured in the Czech Republic and checking machines manufactured in France and Germany.  Last year the plant produced 108 mln. glass products.  The production of Tomsk factory is in demand in many Russian regions from Archangelsk to Vladivostok, as well as in Kazakhstan.

In order to produce the necessary quantity and quality of glass containers, “Interglass” is conducts modernization of the current equipment and expansion of production through launching the second extension of the factory.  Almost 488 mln. rubles have been invested into this stage of modernization, which includes modernizing the glass melting furnace and retrofitting technological equipment, half of this sum being a preferential loan from the Fund of Industrial Development.

After modernizing the current production, the productive capacity of the plant will increase by 15%.

“Thanks to the support of the administration of the Tomsk Region and the 244 million rubles preferential loan from the Fund of Industrial Development within the framework of the agreement signed by Sergei Zhvachkin, the governor, with Minpromtorg, “Interglass” is improving the industrial capacity, - Igor Shaturniy noted. – Being town-forming, the enterprise has a high social value for the town of Samus.  Right now, more than one hundred people are working at the factory, and after the launch of the second stage of production, over 100 more jobs will be created.”

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