26 large agro-industrial investment projects are being implemented in Tomsk region


Private investments in agricultural sector will exceed 11 billion rubles by 2024. In 2019 2.7 billion rubles were invested in regional agriculture.

The majority of investment projects is oriented to development of dairy and beef farming, which has been determined by the Governor of The Tomsk region Sergey Zhvachkin as a key propriety area of regional agriculture.

Last year “Dubrovskoe” JSC built the first in the region stock breeding complex with the facility for conversing crop wastes into supplement feeds for cows. The largest projects in plant growing were: the startup of the plant for rapeseed processing, establishing of honeysuckle orchard on the area of 100 hectares, the second stage of the “Trubachevo” project for year round cultivation of vegetables and greens in greenhouses.

“The volume of investments in agriculture of Tomsk region is growing steadily, the main reason for this is its’ effectiveness and export orientation”, says Andrey Knorr, the Deputy governor of the Tomsk region for agriculture and environmental management.

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