Agricultural enterprises of the Tomsk region will receive state support for soil treatment


Under the terms of the federal state program for the development of agricultural land reclamation, enterprises will be compensated for the costs of developing design specifications and estimates, purchasing   ameliorants for soil liming, transportation to the place of liming and process works.

“Preservation and increase of soil fertility is the most important direction of work of the regional agricultural industry. In the Tomsk region, 83% of cropland is acidic and needs liming,” - Alexander Savenko, the deputy head of the regional department for the social and economic development of the rural areas, explained.

The effectiveness of the use of lime fertilizers has long been acknowledged. After liming the lands of “Kolpakov” farm in 2019, the potato yield on the cultivated area of 20 hectares increased by 20%, and all expenses incurred paid off in the first year. Grain yield on the lands of the Tomsk Agrarian College increased by 31% after liming for three years.

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