The Tomsk “Sibcable” launched new high-tech equipment


New high-tech equipment was launched at the “Sibcable” plant.

Three modern high-speed stranding machines and a rod breakdown line will enable the plant to increase productivity up to four times. The design of the new equipment will provide lower power consumption and noise level, whereas advanced technology will minimize equipment maintenance operations. Contemporary control and monitoring systems will ensure high quality cable products.

 “Due to the systematic development, modernization and implementation of new equipment, products of the Tomsk “Sibcable” today correspond not only to the Russian, but also to the world level,”- the Vice Governor Igor Shaturny said. “We have always supported “Sibcable” and we will keep doing it. Moreover, we will continue our active cooperation on roadmaps that the Tomsk Region Governor Sergey Zhvachkin signed with six vertically integrated companies within a framework of the import substitution program”.

“The total cost of the new equipment is about 200 million rubles, and for a total, we invested 310 million rubles in the modernization of production in 2019. Our task is to produce a high-quality product, that is why modernization is one of the strategic directions of the development of our enterprise. We plan to invest another 400 million rubles in the modernization in 2020,” – the Director of the “Sibcable” JSC Alexey Zhuzhin reported.

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