Tomsk Region signed a collaboration agreement with Rostselmash company


Tomsk Region deputy governor in agro-industrial policy and natural resource management Andrey Knorr and commercial director of Rostselmash company Alexey Shveitsov conducted a meeting with Tomsk agricultural producers.

During negotiations, a collaboration agreement between Tomsk Region and the company, Rostselmash was signed, which will allow Tomsk farmers to receive additional discounts when purchasing machinery produced in Russia – 5% for grain harvesting and fodder harvesting machinery (except combine harvesters Don 680 and Nova) and tractors 3000 series, 10% - for tractors 2000 series.

As the deputy governor noted, the long-term partnership of the region with Rostselmash helped to profoundly upgrade the technological infrastructure of farming enterprises in the region.

As Alexey Shveitsov reported, since 2012 the combine harvester manufacturing plant of Rostselmash has been providing agricultural machinery, which is noninferior to world standards in a number of parameters, and strongly invests into the development of its own production process.

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