Financial resources made more available for Tomsk businesses


A new link has emerged in the infrastructure of regional small business support – Microfinancing Fund of Tomsk Region, which is aimed at increasing the availability of financial resources for business.

Microfinancing programs are aimed at supporting those entrepreneurs, who need resources to purchase equipment, premises, machinery, load-carrying transport, as well as for renovation and major structural repairs of real property, which are part of an investment project.

The main advantage of these programs is that these microloans are not only aimed at manufacturers and service providers, but also at agriculture, including agricultural products and services in this sector of the economy, but among other things to also provide import substitutions and development of non-resource exports.

A consultation center, which will also be processing and accepting applications from small businesses has been set up in “Moy business” center (Moskovskiy tract str. 12) in Tomsk, phone number: (3822) 901-000, applications can be submitted remotely via digital platform of Tomsk Region

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