Two New Residents Enter the Advanced Special Economic Zone “Seversk”


Radian company is planning to create an import-substituting production of electrical, distribution, regulating equipment, and instrumentation on the territory of advanced development.

Etalon plant acts as the investor of the project, the plant operates in the market of industrial electrical engineering.  The new manufacturing plant will allow the investor to substitute products, imported from abroad for the technological process, for its own.

Besides, the commutating equipment, components, and installations, which compensate reactive power of electrical networks, all produced by the new resident, are expected to be supplied to the open market – for the enterprises of metallurgical, chemical, nuclear industries and rail transport.

SibRegionPromservice company is planning to restore parts for custom equipment by a high-tech method of gas-flame sprayed coating.

The enterprise is in the business of repairing and servicing technological, network pipelines, elevators, custom technological, load-lifting, ventilating, and other types of industrial equipment.

The realization of these projects calls for creating more than 40 new jobs.

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