Tomsk Governor Talks About Regional Support For Technological Business At the Forum Of Agency For Strategic Initiatives


Sergei Zhvachkin, governor of the Tomsk Region participated in the meeting of the governors’ club, which took place on the 12th of November at the forum of ASI “Strong ideas for the new times” in Moscow.

 While introducing the head of the region, the special representative of the president of Russia regarding digital and technological development, general director of ANCO “Platform for National Technological Initiative (NTI)” Dmitri Peskov noted, that the Tomsk Region was one of the first regions to join in the realization of NTI projects and that today it is the leader in the export share of these projects.

 The governor of the Tomsk Region mentioned five directions of support for high-tech business, infrastructure being the first one.  The productive atmosphere in the Tomsk Region is created by the special economic zone of the technology and innovation type, industrial park, regional centers for engineering, as well as the center of innovation development, which acts as a regional project office for such development institutions as Skolkovo, Bortnikov Fund, and National Technological Initiative.

 “In the Tomsk Region we have created a system of cooperation of high-tech enterprises with the largest Russian companies – that is the second direction of support for innovation business, - said the governor of the Tomsk Region, Sergei Zhvachkin.  – Today Tomsk manufacturers of industrial products cooperate with Gazprom, Gazprom Neft, Rosneft, Rosatom, SIBUR, and other giants, which in recent years have purchased 66 billion rubles worth of Tomsk high-tech production.

 The third direction of support is human resources.  Forum of young scientists U-NOVUS, student platform “Tomsk Hub” and other projects work to create innovational teams.

 “Starting this year, we launched a pilot project management training for the IT industry.  Because not each talented scientist can become a talented manager.  And before the end of the year we will graduate 50 such specialists,” – Tomsk governor Sergei Zhvachkin noted.

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