Experts Discuss the Strategy For Development Of the Special Economic Zone “Tomsk”


A business meeting of the Expert Council under the deputy governor of the Tomsk Region in economy Andrey Antonov took place in Tomsk Special Economic Zone.  Participants brainstormed ideas on how to make the SEZ a center for attracting businesses of all levels – from startups to large corporations.

As deputy governor, Andrey Antonov noted while opening the meeting, the Tomsk Region has set a strategically important national task in motion – creating a world-class  Research and Educational Center (REC), which would unite universities, research institutes, and industry.  And the SEZ has the potential to become the pilot platform to exercise new formats for technological partnerships within the framework of Tomsk REC.

“Our task is to form an ecosystem here in which entrepreneurial and university communities can interact successfully” – deputy governor said.

 One of the scenarios of development of the SEZ as seen by specialists is creating a regional acceleration platform, where businesses can receive support during all their life cycle.

 For that to happen, experts have to come up with a mechanism for cultivating startups, including those from the university environment, on different stages from an idea to the turnover of 1 bln rubles, as well as possible options of presenting the projects to large corporations, potential customers and investors, incorporating all the existing instruments of business support into the ecosystem of the SEZ.

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