Tomsk Companies Can Receive Preferential Microloans


The microfinancing fund of the Tomsk Region offers small and medium-sized enterprises preferential microloans at 1 to 4.675% interest.

 The loan at 1% interest is granted for 6 to 24 months.  1% rate is in effect till December 31st, 2020, and from January 1st, 2021 the rate equals the key interest rate of the Bank of Russia, which was in effect on the date of signing the loan agreement.  The loan amount can be from 500 thousand to 5 mln. rubles.

 Companies can use the loan to finance their investment activity, as well as replenish their trading capital, pay rent, pay salaries to their employees, and pay taxes and other fees.

 A loan at 2.125 to 4.675% interest can be obtained for financing current operations (rent, salaries, taxes), financing investment activities, refinancing purpose loans.

 The maximum sum of a microloan is 5 mln. rubles.  Loans of up to 300 thousand rubles are granted without security or surety, up to 1 mln rubles – under the surety of individuals or security, over 1 mln. rubles – under the security of real property.

 Such a loan can be received for the term of six to twenty-four months.  With that, the companies are granted a delay of payment and the ability to use differential payment, when interest is added on the outstanding balance – consequently, the amount of the overpay will be lower than the initial loan interest rate.

 Full conditions for receiving the preferential loans are posted on the website of the Microfinancing Fund of the Tomsk Region.  Companies can apply for a loan here, as well as on the digital development platform for the Tomsk Region.

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