Investments into the Economy of the Tomsk Region in the First Half of the Year Grow by 8.6%


According to the data of Tomskstat, the volume of investments into fixed capital based on the results of January – June 2020 in the Tomsk Region amounts to 42.65 bln. rubles – 8.6% more than in the same period last year. Investments from large and medium-sized organizations during this period grew by 11.9% - to 33.85 bln. rubles.  The biggest share – more than 45% (15.34 bln. rubles) belong to the investments into mineral production.

 3.49 bln. rubles have been invested in manufacturing (10.3% growth), 2.83 bln. rubles – into the sphere of transportation and storage (8.4% growth), 2.79 bln. rubles into agriculture and forestry (8.2% growth), 2.6 bln. rubles into real estate operations (7.8% growth), 2.1 bln. rubles into energy complex (6.2% growth).

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