3.3 bln Rubles Invested Into Agriculture Of Tomsk Region In 2020


Investment activity points to the fact that agriculture in the region has been cost efficient for a long time.  And with the complications that 2020 brought on were no exception – profitability within the agro-industrial spheres were 30.3%; 24.7% if we do not take state aid into account.

The Average salary in agricultural organizations surpassed 35 thousand rubles in 2020.  The rate of its growth is more than 10%, which is higher than average, when compared to the economics of the region, which is 7%.

Every year agricultural workers increase tax payments into the budgets at all levels.

The strategy of northern farming with an emphasis on variety selection and perfecting agricultural technologies - provided an increase in effectiveness of output of the main types of crop production.  As a result of the harvesting campaign Tomsk farmers ground 414.6 thousand tons of grain, which is 21.4% more than in 2019.  Average crop yield of grain is 25.2 hundred kilograms per hectare – it is the second-best result in Siberian Federal District.

Livestock farmers within the Tomsk region continue to drive up production of milk, rate of production growth in the region is twice higher than the average in Siberia.

These achievements are the result of many years of work, improving species composition, implementing of trendsetting technologies in keeping and feeding cattle and building modern stock breeding complexes.


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