.7 bln Rulbes Invested Into Industry Development In 2020


According to the index of industrial manufacturing and processing sector: (with 108.6%) the Tomsk Region took third place in 2020 within the Siberian Federal District, and 12th within the Russian Federation.  6.7 bln rubles were invested into the main capital for the development of industry, which is 24% more in comparison with the 2019 investment.

The biggest share of all shipped goods (196 bln rubles) was from petrochemical complex – 32.5% and machine-building complex – 25%.  The leading enterprises in production are electronic, rubber and plastic goods, chemicals and chemical products and materials, medicinal products and materials, metallurgical production, maintenance of machines and equipment.

Roadmaps for the expansion of Tomsk's production and technologies intended to serve the needs of vertically integrated holdings have become the main driving force for the enterprises.  Eight roadmaps are already in use today, which were signed off on by Sergei Zhvachkin, the governor, with “Gazprom”, “Gazpromneft”, “Inter RAO”, “Rosseti”, “SIBUR Holding”, “TVEL”, “Rosneft” and “Almaz-Antei”.

Thanks to timely preventive measures and a well-thought-out economic policy in 2020, the industrial sector did not stop production at all.  Through joint efforts by authorities and businesses, key projects, contracts, and production volumes have been preserved.


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