Senator Vladimir Kravchenko Offers Bill to Support Residents of Advanced Special Economic Zone


Senator Vladimir Kravchenko in cooperation with the Chairman of Economic Policy Committee of the Council of the Russian Federation, Andrey Kutepov, has developed a legislation draft, which suggests prolongation of the terms of application of reduced insurance deductions for the residents of advanced special economic zones.

Today, the term of preferential rate of insurance deductions (7.6%) for the residents of ASEZ is 10 years, if the status of resident was awarded within three years from the day of creation of the ASEZ.

The legislation suggests spreading the effect of the benefit on residents, who entered the ASEZ within four years from the day of creating ASEZ.  For residents of Seversk ASEZ, the initiative will allow for extension of the benefit for one more year – till February 12th, 2023.

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