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INO Tomsk Attracts 53 bln Rubles Into Regional Economy

The first complex territorial developmentproject in Russia, INO Tomsk (Innovational Territorial Center) began simultaneously with the strategy of regional development


Senator Vladimir Kravchenko Offers Bill to Support Residents of Advanced Special Economic Zone

Legislation has been drafted, which suggests prolonging the terms of application of reduced insurance deductions for the residents of advanced special economic zones


New Low Interest Loans For Small Business Provided in Tomsk Region

The microfinancing fund of the Tomsk Region has launched a program “Financing current activities for the newly started small and medium size businesses"


Ready To Move In Lots On Territory Of Tomsk Special Economic Zone

In connection with finishing the works on startup operations for power facilities on the territories of Southern and Northern sites, “ready to move in” land lots have been prepared with engineering and transport infrastructure for placing own production plants of enterprises

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