NPO Sibelectromotor Becomes Twenty Third Resident of Priority Social and Economic Development Area Seversk


In the area of priority development in Seversk, NPO Sibelectromotor plans to conduct reengineering of the production facility and develop the production of larger electric motors of more than 400 kWt.

The new equipment for the production of the planned types of electric motors will be mounted in a rented structure with an area of around 9.5 thousand square meters, which has working utilities systems and infrastructure.

NPO SIbelectromotor plans to mass-produce crane and crane-metallurgical, roller line, installed electric motors, drive mechanisms of general industrial use with short-circuit rotors, as well as excavator electrical machines and generators of direct current.  The hardware can also be used in solutions with frequency-controlled drives.

Among the significant preferences of registration on the PSEDA – is the possibility given to the residents to lean into the whole ecosystem of business in the Closed Administrative Territorial Unit of ROSATOM, build cooperation connections with other residents, and find new possibilities of sales, including by supplying the products to the city-forming enterprises of CATU (Closed Administrative Territorial Unit).

NPO Sibelectromotor is counting on accessing the markets of the western part of the Russian Federation, Eastern Europe, Middle Asia, and China and getting the share of the company in manufacturing the new types of products to the level of no less than 20% on the market of Siberian Federal District.

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