Tomsk Special Economic Zone Resident Introduces Domestically Made Implants Into Clinical Practice


Currently, the innovation company NPK SINTEL together with the specialists of Siberian Federal Scientific and Clinical Center of FMBA of Russia is conducting research and development in the area of creating new implants and technologies for treating orthopedic disorders.  One of the projects –creating prosthetic implants for hip joints with antibacterial coating – is already on the stage of trials in the system of Roszdravnadzor.

Besides, the company NPK SINTEL, together with the specialists of the Cancer Research Institute of Tomsk National Research Medical Center launched the production of individual 3D printed medical implants last year.  The implants have different types of coating – oxide, and calcium phosphate, and have different clinical effects (antibacterial, antitumorigenic).

The result of this collaboration became the creation of special constructions of implants, which combine bioactive qualities, anatomicity, and durability.  As a result, applications were filed for receiving patents for inventions.  More than thirty unique organ preservation surgeries on installing individual implants have already been conducted as a result of this collaboration.

Innovational implants are used for treating fractures and disorders related to osteoporosis, treatment, and prevention of periprosthetic infections, and relapses of bone tumor diseases.

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