Tomsk Region Forms Support Measures Package For Exporters And Investors


A workgroup for investment support, external economic activities and introduce the best practices of business management conditions were created by order from the governor, Sergei Zhvachkin, within the framework of the command unit on social and economic development of the region under conditions of sanctions.

The structure of the workgroup includes heads of regional departments of investments, international and regional relations, as well as managing state property, departments of Tomsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the center of export support Business development fund, Technology Innovative Special Economic Zone Tomsk, OOO Atom-TOR-Seversk, Regional business center of the Tomsk Region, companies of NPO Reasib, Invest UK, Engineering center of electronics and microelectronics, and Tomsk branch of Gazprombank.  Uri Gurdin, the deputy governor of the Tomsk Region on investment policy and property relations, is leading the workgroup.

During the first meeting, the workgroup participants discussed burdensome demands for the exporters for receiving CT-1 certificates, possibilities of supplying critical imports from alternative markets, as well as mechanisms of conditions for stabilization and supporting investment activity. 

Based on the discussion results the experts formed possible instruments for supporting export and investment activity.  The number of suggestions for the regional command unit on social-economic development of the region in conditions of sanctions is planned to include the possibility of subsidizing the expenses of the exporters for searching for new foreign partners, certifying export goods, as well as a range of measures to support investors and develop investment infrastructure.

Another task of the workgroup is to help Tomsk enterprises quickly find the possibility of substituting sanctioned goods and components, necessary for the production process on alternative markets, that is, providing import substitution in a more narrow and short-term way.

Tomsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the center of export support are already forming a base of potential partners from Asian countries, first of all, China, with which the region has formed close connections in the last years.

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