Investment Protection And Inducement


The Investment Department of the Tomsk Region developed draft regulations of the Tomsk Region Administration on establishing the order of signing, changing and ceasing agreements, evaluating the effectiveness of investment projects, and carrying out monitoring of agreement realisation.  It was done with the goal of providing the opportunity for the investors to reach agreements for protection and inducement of investments in the Tomsk Region without the participation of the Russian Federation.

Draft regulations of the Tomsk Region Administration have been published on the official site of the Tomsk Region Investment Department on the Internet - for creating conditions of conducting their independent anti-corruption expertise by the scientific establishments, universities, experts, and other competent organizations and persons, as well as institutes of civil society.

It will be remembered that, according to the agreement, every public law entity, which is a part of such an agreement, commits to provide for the organization, realizing a new investment project, non-application towards it of acts (decisions) of corresponding bodies of state power (local self-government), which worsen the conditions of business (or other) activity, connected with realization of the project, which exist at the time of reaching the agreement.  With that, the organization, which is realizing the project can be provided with a measure of state support, which envisages reimbursement of expenses according to the budget law of the Russian Federation and (or) tax deduction according to the law of the Russian Federation on taxes and dues.

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