Tomsk Enterprises Can Receive “Industrial Mortgage”


“Industrial mortgage” allows the enterprises to receive bank loans of up to 500 mln. rubles to purchase real estate for industrial production.  The loan is granted at a preferential rate: 3% interest for technological companies and 5% interest for other industrial enterprises.  Maximum term of loan is seven years.

Up to November 1st, the government of Russia is accepting applications from banks, which are ready to participate in the “industrial mortgage” program: banks, which pass the selection, will be reimbursed for the lost earnings on such loans.

Besides, the mechanism of “industrial mortgage” is to be broadened.  It is suggested that the banks get subsidized from the federal budget for the expenses connected with granting cheap loans to enterprises not only for purchasing, but also for construction, modernization, reconstruction, capital repairs of real estate for industrial production.

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