Subsidy Volume For Carrying Out Investment Activity In Tomsk Region increases


Changes were made on July 22, 2022, to the procedure of subsidy provision with the goal of compensating the part of the expenses incurred in connection with production (realization) of goods, performing works, providing services within the framework of realizing investment projects.

Investors can compensate expenses, incurred while conducting investment activity, in the amount of 5 mln rubles a year, instead of 2.5 mln rubles a year.  With that, in case there are expenses in different directions, the yearly amount of subsidies can be up to 10 mln rubles.

Also, investors can reimburse expenses incurred in connection with loans and lease contracts, signed during the period of the “increased” key interest rate of the Bank of Russia (11.5% and higher) in larger volume.

You can find extensive information on the conditions of subsidy provision and the normative legal acts on the site of the Investment Department of the Tomsk Region.

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