Tract Avtomatica Company Becomes New Resident Of Special Economic Zone Tomsk


OOO Tract Avtomatica company became the new resident of the special economic zone Tomsk, signing an agreement on conducting technology development activities  with the management company of SEZ Tomsk.  The organization is planning to build its own production facility on the southern site of the SEZ.

In the new one thousand square meter facility, the enterprise will produce basic means of automatization for technological processes – low voltage modular packaged units.  Total volume of investments into the project will amount to 64 mln rubles.

This is the third new resident, which intends to build its own manufacture on the territory of the Special Economic Zone Tomsk.  It is due to the finishing of construction of most of the infrastructure objects of the SEZ.  By the end of 2021 on the southern site, the objects of engineering infrastructure were commissioned, in 2022 it is planned to finish respective works on the Northern site.  All of this allows for the increase of cost-effectiveness of the investors’ projects.

 Tract Avtomatika company products are used to increase energy performance for technological processes, optimize resources consumption, prolonging the service life of actuating mechanisms and electric equipment, as well as in automation systems for technological production processes.  It is widely used by the enterprises of water supply and disposal, heat and electrical power supply, in chemical, oil and gas industry, metallurgical industry and machine building.

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