Vladimir Mazur Switches Regional Authorities To Working In Control Headquarters


In June, the acting governor of the Tomsk Region, Vladimir Mazur, held a meeting with the involvement of deputies, heads of municipal districts and representatives of the body of deputies, during which he gave a start to the work of branch control headquarters of the regional authorities.  The goal of the branch control headquarters is to make quick tactical decisions and forming a renewed strategic development program for the region.

The plan is to create such headquarters in each branch.  All meetings will be held with the lead of the acting governor of the Tomsk Region.

Key tasks in the work of branch headquarters are auditing problems and collecting suggestions in short term and long-term tasks, and task number one is to start creating a full-fledged development program for the Tomsk Region.

“I am convinced: without experts, without deputies, without social activists, without ordinary partial people no program can be worked out.  That is why not only government officials, but also scientists, will participate in our branch headquarters.  Not only theoreticians, but also practicians.  Furthermore, I expect suggestions and ideas for our program from all citizens of the Tomsk Region, —the head of the region said.  —  We have come up with a program called Smart Leadership, which any partial citizen, not only a Tomsk citizen, can take part in.  In the next few months in all cities and counties of the Tomsk Region we will hold forums called Smart Leadership.  I will participate in them and select the smartest suggestions myself.  I am sure, that only like this, together, collectively, we can form an effective development program for our region.”

Vladimir Mazur addressed deputies and heads of municipal districts with a request to get actively involved in the work on the program.  By order of the head of the region, this work was led by the vice governor in economy Andrey Antonov (he will be responsible for collecting suggestions for the program from government officials) and the chairwoman of the Legislative Duma of the Tomsk Region, Oksana Kozlovskaya (responsible for collecting suggestions and ideas from deputies of all levels, expert community, and the general public).

The headquarters will meet every week and will be devoted to the main branches: health, education, construction and housing services and utilities, road construction and improvement, industry and investments, and others.  By the suggestion of the head of the region, a separate branch headquarters will be devoted to the problems of Tomsk development.

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