Vladimir Mazur Takes Part In Council Meeting Of Interregional Association Siberian Agreement


The acting governor of the Tomsk Region, Vladimir Mazur, together with colleagues from other Siberian Regions took part in the opening ceremony of the booth Bolshaya Sibir, which was conducted at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum  on the 16th of June by the RF Presidential Envoy in Siberian Federal District, Anatoliy Serishev and Vice Prime Minister of the government of Russia, Viktoriya Abramchenko.

At the council of Interregional Assosiation Siberian Agreement, Siberian governors approved a complex investment project Development of Siberian Export Oriented Transborder Corridors, developed by Siberian Transport University under order of the association.

The goal of the project of the Assosiation is the development and creation of new transborder corridors in order to lift infrastructure export limitations of Siberian Regions.  For the Tomsk Region, the development of Northern Latitude Road and broadening the geography of air travel with countries of Central and Eastern Asia is very important.


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