Tomsk innovative companies raised more than 600 million of investments in 2022


The Tomsk region is intensively cooperating with federal development institutions: the Skolkovo Foundation, the Foundation for Assistance to Innovations (FAI), the Internet Initiatives Development Fund, and the Russian IT Development Fund, thus building the regional support infrastructure. According to the results of the year 2022, the Tomsk companies submitted more than 200 applications for participation in the FAI programs. They won 450 million rubles as grants, the companies invested more than 160 million rubles in co-financing.

Last year, nine companies from the Tomsk region participated in the Skolkovo Foundation and acquired tax benefits, investment reimbursement, grants, access to international markets, mentorship support and assistance in commercialization. The total amount of microgrants received by the Tomsk companies was 12.5 million rubles.

Last year, the Engineering and Innovation Center of the Tomsk region rendered more than 600 information and consulting services to SMEs as support to the members of innovative territorial cluster “Smart Technologies Tomsk”. The number of the engineering services rendered increased by 10%, thus the cluster members created six new innovative products: a temperature regulator, a tool for orthopedic endoprostheses and dental implants, an all-season heated drinking-bowl for the needs of northern regions, a meteorological atmosphere parameter meter, a programmable logic controller and an electrochemical sensor to detect substances in implants.

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