Government and business representatives about the quality and efficiency of the regional investment standard


Vasily Potyomkin, Deputy Governor of the Tomsk region for investment policy and property relations, held a meeting with business representatives where he introduced the elements of the regional investment standard.

The investment standard, designed to create an effective mechanism for attracting investments in the Tomsk region, has been completely implemented. Its main components include an investment policy statement, an investment development agency, a code of investment rules, an investment committee and an investment map.

The standard is based on the best Russian regional practices. It is focused on improving the efficiency of interaction between the investors and the authorities. Its core is the introduction of clear, standardized public rules for all the participants in the investment process, i.e., investors, authorities and resource supplying organizations. Moreover, these rules are robust and cannot be changed unilaterally.

The investment policy statement is a fundamental element of the standard. The document enshrines the region’s obligations to protect the rights and interests of the investors and to comply with the conditions for providing them with state support measures specified in the regional legislation.

The participants of the meeting were highly interested in the Investment Development Agency of the Tomsk region. The Agency will become a common gateway for solving various questions of the investors and a key assistant for the authorities in support of investment projects.

The regional authorities also informed the business representatives about the code of investment rules (step-by-step algorithms for the investor’s actions), the investment map and the work of the investment committee, which is chaired by the head of the region and where one can apply to resolve disputes with the authorities and local self-government bodies in a pre-trial procedure.

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