Public Chamber supports the construction of an inter-university campus next to the SEZ


The Public Chamber of the Tomsk region has discussed a project to create a world-class inter-university campus in Tomsk. The experts approved the site selection next to the special economic zone of technology development type in Tomsk and arranged for public monitoring of the project implementation.

The facility is to be built on Zavarzino-Radiostantsiya No. 1,2 next to the special economic zone. The Russian government supports this option. In early August, engineering surveys were launched here. The concession agreement with the investor is to be signed in September. It is planned to complete the construction in the third quarter of 2027.

Andrei Antonov, Deputy Governor of the Tomsk region for economics, introduced the project and the ideology of the campus to the members of the Public Chamber. He said that the initial goal of the project was to attract foreign students to Tomsk.

Following the imposed economic sanctions, the focus was reoriented, and national project “Science and Education” set the task for creating the infrastructure for the rapid achievement of technological sovereignty by the Russian Federation. The emphasis has changed. The standard for campuses has become one of the conditions for the national project, in addition to housing and infrastructure, there should be a technology park, i.e., a place where students can study, intern and eventually work in technology companies.

All the citizens could attend the sports, recreational, and commercial facilities of the campus. At the same time, the transport infrastructure of the new district will be improved, and a four-lane traffic ring is planned to be built.

Vladimir Utkin, Chairman of the Public Chamber of the Tomsk region, Professor of the National Research Tomsk State University, briefly summarized the discussion, “The necessity of an inter-university campus in Tomsk is beyond doubt. And we should consider this facility more broadly, as a part of technopolis where science (Tomsk Akademgorodok), business (special economic zone) and education (the campus itself) are merged. The inter-university campus will boost the city’s development as much as Tomsk University did 145 years ago”.

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