Land Lease Agreement Signed for Construction of Interuniversity Campus


The Special Projects Department of the Tomsk Region has signed a land lease agreement with Tomsk Student Campus LLC for construction. The Lease Agreement was signed for a land plot at the address: 40 Turgenev Str., Tomsk. The agreed design assignment was sent to the concessionaire. An agreement is expected to be concluded between the concessionaire and the design organization for design and survey work.

It is worth reminding that the concession agreement "On creation of a modern interuniversity campus in Tomsk" between the Tomsk Region and the concessionaire was concluded as part of the federal project "Creation of modern campus network" of the national project "Science and Universities" on September 25, 2023.

The campus will include a residential complex for students with 6,000 seats, a multifunctional training center and a fitness complex with a 25-meter long swimming pool, halls for yoga, strength and cardio training, universal gyms and a medical aid station. The building of the multifunctional training center provides for classrooms, laboratory and exhibition spaces, lecture and conference halls, offices of partner companies, food court and administrative premises.

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