Revenue of Tomsk SEZ Residents Increased Twice and a Half


Resident companies of the Tomsk Special Economic Zone earned almost 4.5 billion rubles for 9 months 2023, the revenue increased by 150% compared to the same period in 2022.

The amount of their investments increased by 18% over the same period, which amounted to about 360 million rubles of additional investments; the amount of taxes paid to budgets of all levels increased by 183% (companies transferred additional 500 million rubles).

These indicators demonstrate the high efficiency of the Tomsk Special Economic Zone.

It is necessary to complete the construction of an Engineering Center and an Exhibition Center on the territory of the SEZ for further development of the investment infrastructure.

Office space in the business centers of the Tomsk SEZ is currently 81% full, and workshop space is 100% full.

In the new year 13 companies are planning to build their own buildings, five of which have already selected and booked land plots, another land plot has been selected and booked by a potential investor for the construction of a medical center.

More than 80 events were held on the territory of the SEZ during the second half of the year. These are meetings of residents with delegations (including foreign ones), business conferences, round tables and seminars, excursions and signing of cooperation agreements.

In addition to the large-scale construction of an Engineering Center with a total area of 6.9 thousand square meters on the Southern site of the Tomsk SEZ, it is planned to build a modular building of workshop areas for 2 thousand square meters and put into operation administrative and industrial buildings of residents and investors with a total area of 24.5 thousand square meters.

3.5 thousand square meters of office and laboratory space are planned for putting into economic circulation at the Northern Site.

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