Plans for Investment Infrastructure Development in the Tomsk Region Presented in the Upper House of the Russian Federation Parliament


A new investment policy is being formed in the Tomsk Region, the key focus of which is the construction of new cooperative chains (clusters) and the creation of new high-tech industries based on the scientific and educational complex. Such a policy will increase the share of the non-resource sector of the economics.

 Supported by the Minisry of Industry and Trade of Russia, industrial clusters are already being created in the Tomsk Region in the areas of "Non-ferrous and rare earth metals", "Forest, timber processing and forestry chemistry" and a chemical cluster of federal importance. In addition, the formation of three more clusters is being worked out: radiochemical, pharmaceutical and microelectronics.

The development of investment infrastructure is required to allocate new high-tech industries, in particular, completion of the construction of an Engineering enter and an Exhibition Center in the Tomsk Special Economic Zone.

Another important task for the Tomsk Region is the development of an infrastructure site — Seversk Advanced Development Zone (Seversk ADZ).

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