Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum participants discuss lifting export barriers


Vasily Poteinkin, Deputy of the Governor of Tomsk region for investment policy and property relations, attended the meeting held by the Coordination Council for cross- border cooperation and foreign economic relations of interregional association “Siberian Accord” at the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum.

A long-term plan for the development of international and foreign economic relations of Siberian regions served as the main issue of the session.

The members of the Coordination Council discussed the tasks to be solved as a matter of priority. In particular, lifting infrastructural limitations due to changes in the geography of commodity flows, strengthening competitiveness of manufacturers with targeted support measures, removing unnecessary trade barriers as well as boosting comprehensive relations with friendly countries, specifically through creating and promoting the “Greater Siberia” umbrella brand.

The measures approved by the Coordination Council for cross-border cooperation and foreign economic relations of “Siberian Accord” will be included in the integrated Action Plan for the implementation of the Strategy for socio-economic development of the Siberian Federal District until 2035.

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