Tomsk investment project “TGOK Ilmenite” is in the list of the cutting-edge projects at the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum


The investment projects of the Siberian Federal District, including the project for the development of Tugansk ore sand deposit with the capacity of 2.3 million tons, were presented at the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum.

The Tugansk Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise “Ilmenite” project, focused on ensuring the Russian sovereignty in ilmenite and zircon concentrates which are key components for the national aircraft building and nuclear industry, is being implemented as part of the updated Strategy for Siberia’s Development and is under control of the Russian government.

Apart from the production of high-value concentrates, the enterprise extracts fractional sands which can be used in the construction industry, in particular, in the production of aerated concrete, foam concrete, sand-lime brick, paving tiles and glass products. There are investment proposals for the development of the accompanying manufactures.

The implemented “TGOK Ilmenite” production plans would guarantee a significant increase in tax revenues to the budgets of all levels and creation of new high-performance jobs. The success of the project mostly depends on the number of consumers for the whole volume and range of the enterprise’s products.

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